Privacy & Shipping Policy

Recipient Responsibility

When it’s time for your package from Maine Lobster Roll, make sure you’re around to receive it. If you’re not there, they might not offer a refund or send it again. It’s also on you to let the recipient know about these terms. After the package is dropped off, Maine Lobster Roll isn’t responsible for any issues. They use a Shipper Release clause, so the driver will leave it without a signature. If the recipient says no to the delivery, any chance of a refund is gone. This goes for all packages, even if they’re late, damaged, or have spoiled goods.

Delivery Times

We can give you estimated delivery times for convenience, but they’re not guaranteed. We offer different priority service levels and can provide more shipper info if needed. End of day services are around 10:00 pm, and packages delivered after that may qualify for a late claim with Shipping Protection.

Shipping Protection

Shipping protection is available for an extra $20 fee on all orders. It covers your package in case of delays caused by things like sorting issues, mechanical malfunctions, flight delays, or bad weather. We understand that these events are out of our control, so we offer worry-free protection to make sure your package still gets delivered on time. Even if there’s a delay due to weather, we’ll do our best to find a satisfactory solution for you.

Delayed Shipments

Once the shipping provider has your package, Maine Lobster Roll can’t be responsible for any issues. But don’t worry, we’ve got shipping protection that covers damage or delays caused by the providers themselves. Just remember, weather-related delays might not be covered. We’ll find a fair solution together!

Address Validation

Maine lobster rolls will ship to the address you provide. Make sure it’s correct to avoid issues. Shipping to closed businesses aren’t eligible for refunds.

Shipping Restrictions

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska may have some restrictions. In Alaska, certain areas are serviced by a third-party delivery system, so delivery can’t be guaranteed. It’s important to check if your area is covered. For Hawaii, there are product restrictions related to their Agricultural Department and invasive species. But don’t worry! We can help you obtain an ‘Import Permit’ to ship those products. Any specific questions about shipping restrictions to certain states? Just let us know!

Signature Requirements

Shipments to businesses need a signature, while others are left in a safe spot near your home’s entrance.

Post Office Box

Perishable items cannot be delivered to a Post Office box, they require a physical address.

Rush delivery & Fees

There could be some additional fees during checkout based on the delivery date you select.

Saturday delivery

We accept orders for Saturday delivery and we’ll check with our carrier to see if it’s available in your area. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us before placing your order. We’re here to help!

Tracking information

Once you’ve placed your order, our carrier will generate a tracking number on the ship date. They’ll email it to you. You can use this number to track your shipment in transit. If you have any issues, just reach out to our offices.

Canceling And Modifying Shipments

Order can be canceled or modified before the shipment date. Just contact us directly for any changes. Keep in mind that during busy times, cancellations on the shipment date might not be possible. And for delivery, our packages are usually left without any hassle. But if FedEx thinks it’s not safe, they won’t leave it. They’ll update the tracking info or ask you to pick it up with a matching photo ID. Unfortunately, we can’t reroute orders once they’re on their way. If you need to pick it up instead, we can arrange that, but we can’t refund or reimburse if it’s not delivered on time due to rerouting or pickup options. Let me know if you need any help!

Address Corrections

It’s crucial to input the right shipping address when placing an order. That includes providing your name, street, apartment numbers, gate codes, city, state, and zip code. If the address is incorrect and your order doesn’t arrive on time, unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds or reimbursements. Plus, keep in mind that any delays caused by inaccurate shipping info aren’t our responsibility. FedEx might even charge extra for address correction and re-routing. So, before you hit that submit button, make sure to double-check your delivery info. It’ll save you from any delivery hiccups.
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