100% Live Maine Lobster Deliverd To Your Door


Welcome to Maine Lobster, where we bring you the freshest, tastiest Maine lobster right to your door. Our prices are affordable, even here in Maine! We’ve got live lobsters, lobster meat and lobster tails, all ready to satisfy your cravings. Free overnight shipping, no matter where you’re located! So go ahead and place your order now to experience the true taste of Maine.

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Live Maine Lobster

Customer Reviews

Lobsters were fresh and alive when it arrived to my door. I will order again. Price is good.
Mike Sendler
We always order from Maine so sweet and freshthe lobster you buy locally are old and taste less
Charmaine Tobey
  • Lobsters are guaranteed alive when they reach you.
  • lobsters are wild-caught and harvested in Maine

Boiling Time Chart

Boil at 165°F Temprature
Lobster Size Boiling Time
1.0 lb 8 minutes
1.25 lb 9-10 minutes
1.5 lb 12 minutes
2.0 lb 14-16 minutes
2.5 lb 16-18 minutes
3.0 lb 20+ minutes
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